You would be impressed by what we can do in just one week.

Good design is meant to be fast, efficient and find smart solutions to solve complex problems. We want to do it by helping you build your dream project from scratch to a tested prototype in just one week, using our own design sprint framework.

Smart, precise and efficient

A framework from visionaries to visionaries

Fixed price — U$ 2,560.00

Fixed duration — 5 days

Delivering tangible results

the designer

George Balmung is a product designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. He has liberal arts education with university experience at USP and UNESP (2007 – 2013). Currently, work as user experience designer and art director at Socionautas and supporting member of independent research centers of social sciences, collaborating in the construction of free culture and alternative media platforms.

Terms and conditions

1 — This proposal only covers design services — it includes research, planning, user experience, art direction, prototype and test — we do not have in-house developers. If you don't want to handle the development we can hire and manage an outsource team for your project but an additional proposal need to be discussed.


2 — We allow you to make one revision on your deliverables on day 2; if after your revision the result still does not match your expectations the problem can only be solved at your second sprint.


3 — We only will start planning your sprint after the payment confirmation.


5 — We do not deliver files open to edit (.sketch .xd .psd . indd .ia). We can deliver files in: .jpeg .pdf .png or .svg  and InVision prototypes, as required and best suitable to your application.



Otherwise, we will contact you to plan your sprint the day after your payment is confirmed and schedule your sprint for the week ahead. The scope can only be precisely discussed after setup or refine your backlog at the first day of your sprint; if we can not agree on the scope of your sprint we refund 80% of your money — we will keep 20% to cover the expenses of the first-day exercise.


If we burn a deadline we will refund your money in full.

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